Custom mouse cursor is lagging and jumping

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on my portfolio website and wanted to utilize a custom cursor. I followed the tutorial from here.

Everything seems to work fine, however sporadically the cursor is jumping / lagging around. It seems like it always jumping back to the x-axis.

I have attached a video (since I don’t want to share my whole unfinished portfolio on here - although this might make it too difficult for anyone to help (??) )! The lag does not only happen when hovering (as shown in the video) but at random points across the site.

Thank you for any help! :blush:

I have exactly the same problem. Anybody any idea how we can solve this problem? My read link is here:

Thanks in advance.

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@Fabi1309 Did you find a fix? Got the same issue.

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Did you find a solution for this? I’m having a similar issue with jumping mouse interactions. Am following the 21 day portfolio course & the custom 404 page mouse interaction is not working as expected. Thanks.

That’s because while you were creating the animation, you set Move X = 0 for Mouse Y actions, so everytime you move your cursor on Y axis, the X is set to 0, vice versa. The move X for mouse Y actions and move Y for mouse X actions for keyframe 100% has to be unset, see below