Custom menu links only working once

Hi Guys,

I’m just in the midst of adjusting my design for responsivity - I’ve built my own menu for devices hiding the desktop+ nav altogether. I’ve used a sticky div to display the logo and menu trigger. I’ve used a fixed div to hide/show on click of the menu - I had it flexbox but have reverted to display based on forum threads with others who had the same problem. I originally had buttons linking to pages in my site - I’ve changed these to text links trying to troubleshoot the issue. I’ve set the Menu open fixed div z-index to 9999. For the life of me, I can not navigate to a second page once I’ve clicked one of the menu options on my actual mobile.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this!
Cheers Candice

Never mind… I got it worked out - my custom menu is not in a symbol so I fixed it on home page then forgot to copy across to the other pages. *opps.

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