Custom Lightbox

The webflow lightbox is incredibly basic and not well made. (Text gets truncated and no option to read the complete text entered).

Is it possible to add a third party jQuery lightbox? Such as:

I need to have a title and description with the slide images.

I had started building my own lightbox with a ‘modal wrapper’, etc but it’s becoming very complex and very large in terms of required elements and interaction programming. Every time I have a new project to add, I have to amend the existing interactions from the current projects to ensure the desired project is shown and others are hidden. It will be a nightmare to work with as it gets larger so I wish to abandon this method.

Getting very frustrated that Webflow doesn’t have third add-ons like Weebly does!

Thank you for your help in advance.

Yes! Webflow allows you to place custom scripts to your website, without any kind of limitations. There’s nothing that Webflow doesn’t allow you to do. Its only purpose is to make your life easier, and if they don’t really do something well, you still have the ability to use custom code to make that happen, just like the good ol’days

If I add this jQuery custom code in Webflow how would I be able to edit the lightbox images and add text, etc? (I’m new to this!)

Previously I would build a site in Dreamweaver and the editor would let me see a preview window of this code so I’m not blind.

You’ll still be able to edit everything from the Webflow Designer. These kind of jQuery (libs?) normally only need to know about an element class or its ID, and then it will do all the job for you. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to have at least a minimal understanding of javascript so you can get it to work, and you’re only able to see the results on the live website, as webflow doesn’t run scripts from the designer

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