Custom image magnification on mouse hover

Hey folks! New lesson here from @mistercreate on how to integrate a custom image magnification on mouse hover, like you see in Amazon and other ecommerce sites. :smiley: Using a bit of custom code, you can add a magnifying glass to any of your images and even style the magnifier to get it looking how you want!

Nice! I like how webflow is leaning into showing off some external JS libraries.

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Attempting to integrate this feature… see map image. I cannot get the magnification feature to work, and I believe I have followed the instructions as provided…

Hey @jw83876 — are you still unable to integrate this feature? Would love to help here!

Hi! I’ve successfully implemented this on a site I’m working on but I’m wondering if there’s any way to adjust how zoomed in the magnification is. Is this possible?

I’m not sure if this is related but I’m also having an issue where the zoom area cuts off when I reach the bottom or right edge of the image. Effectively I’m only able to zoom in on a portion of the entire image.

Any help is appreciated!

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Hello! I’m running into the same issue after following the tutorial. Did you ever figure it out? Thank you!