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Custom Form Box - How to Create?

Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to create a form entry box that looks like this? So far I can only figure out how to create one with the ‘submit’ button outside.


You’ll have to style the box individually by adding the CSS after clicking the box inside the form. Make sure the box has a class first.

Can you post your read-only link?


I would create a Flexbox Wrapper set as Horiztonal and Place the email and submit inside.


Remove the Email Forms border and place the border on the wrapper, then just add a background image to the submit button of your arrow possibly?

See what I did below

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Another way would be to set them both as “inline” and set them side by side by adding width %. For Ex: 70% and 30%.

Then add borders to the left, up, and down for field and right, up, down for the button.

I did this once and it works perfectly.