Custom fonts - using a trackable webfont

Hi everyone, I have a question about using trackable webfonts.

My company would like to use a custom font on our site, and we have a licence for the webfont version from Linotype. The webfont kit includes the font files in WOFF format (albeit with jumbled number names as opposed to the font weight names), a javascript font tracking code, a demo-async.css file. The font is licenced based on number of page views, but I can’t seem to work out how to use these files.

I have uploaded the woff files under ‘Project settings’ and ‘Fonts’ and renamed each one so I know what the weights are, but I think I am missing the part where I add the tracking code which technically violates the licence… I have checked the vendors help pages and they advised the below:

I have watched the tutorials on using custom fonts on Webflow, looked through the forums to try and work out how to use these and can’t make sense of it. I did find this post where the author of the last comment mentions he was looking for a solution but nothing since.

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!

Hi Racheal, You can go for method no.2.

  • So In order to execute that method you need to first host file demo-async.css to an external server. (There are many servies that offer to host few such files for free)

  • Then, you need to link that css file inside head of custom code block under project settings

  • Finally you need to copy and paste that javascript code in a script tag inside custom code block under project settings.

Now I have never done this before with this particular service but this should most likely work as per my past experiences with similar setups.

Hi Navdeep, many thanks for taking the time to respond and outline the steps - I appreciate it.

I will give this a go and hopefully have some luck!

Thanks for the support.

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