Custom fonts for free plan

Hi there!

In the pricing table on the main website custom fonts are included in a free plan (under “Compare plans”):

But they are not :slight_smile:


Same issue. There’s either a bug or an error on the Compare Plans page. See attached Screenshot.

I went through the process of looking up the font, reading through the license, creating the webfont, uploading it, assigning properties on webflow (100, 200, light, etc) and after all that the site says only paid plans allow custom fonts and redirects me to a page saying the free account includes this capability… see screenshot below.

Same issue here. Any solution?

Sorry about the mix up :confused:

Custom Fonts are available on the Starter (Free) plan only if you add on a hosting subscription. We will note this on the pricing chart ASAP.

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too bad : / but thanks for clearing that up. Would be awesome if one could use one custom font family to try out that feature on the free plan!

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