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Custom Flexbox layout

I’m trying to achieve this kind of design with Flexbox :
I have a problem handling the heights of the boxes.
Let’s say the “Wooden Workspaces” box is 40% width and 40% height. The “Google Glass Review” box is 20% width and 25% height. I’d like to have two “Google Glass Review” boxes that are in column (like on the design “Google Glass Review” and “Ziiro Orbit”) but when using Flexbox it puts the boxes next to each other.

I followed originally this Flexbox tutorial :

This is my Flexbox div style :

“Google Glass Review” Upper box :

“Google Glass Review” Down box :

Any ideas on how I could do this ?

Thanks in advance !


Here is my public share link:
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Hey @antoinebell,

This might be very helpful


Hey @nwdsha,

Thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for !


You’re very welcome @antoinebell :smiley: I’m glad to help.

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