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Custom Dynamic Filtering issue

Hey @krubens, I’m having trouble with the custom dynamic filter you made some time ago. I’m quite confused in my situation. I would like to click a project name and for it to reveal the project image and and info. Could you or anyone else assist?

Original posts are here: Custom Dynamic Filter in Webflow
and here:

Here is my public share link: [LINK]1
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Hi Crust,

Try using MixItUp!
@sabanna has an amazing tutorial on using it -

Thanks @avivtech ! Is there not a simpler approach? I just want to click a project name and for some content from the project to show…

hmm… not sure.
If you could show me an example it would be easier :smiley:

@avivtech If you follow my website link…

If you click one of these projects:

I only want one of these projects (photo, title, description) to show:

Where is that link? :sweat_smile:

@avivtech Weird…it didn’t show:

I think you can use the tabs widget for this

hey @PixelGeek or @buntestrahlen ! any thoughts here?