Custom domain is not indexed by google

I urgently need help. My customer’s page - see read only link - is not indexed by google. It is blocked because of duplicate content, because the webflow subdomain is indexed. Subdomain indexing is already disabled. All the settings should be correct. I additionally added a script in the code to block the webflow subdomain from indexing. nothing helps.

When you disable subdomain indexing, Webflow sets a robots.txt block, which means Google will effectively never remove it from the SERPS.

Instead, you want subdomain indexing ON, but a META noindex in your site only. This is difficult to do.

You might also be able to setup Google Search Console just for your subdomain, and request removal that way. Otherwise contact support and see what they can do since they own the domain.

Thanks a lot! I´ll try to solve it by contacting the support