Custom cursor shows div from another page

so I have the page with embedded google sheets where custom cursor is functioning exactly how I want: Webflow -

the trollface is showing OK and moving as intended.

I copied that cursor, duplicated the classes and made another one in different page. It shows how I want in preview (going from 1px to 75)

but it only shows fine in preview, the published website substitutes the cursor with the previous one (which has different class and everything: i double checked the classes in animations). It just takes it’s size (80px instead of 1px) and messes up the animation

both are .gifs, both I tried with different converters: no luck.

if you try read-only preview mode (click it off and on again) you will see chicken properly animated on this НІХУЯ text, but if you go to actual published website Донація it’s all messed up. help plz

Main page where chicken coursor needs to be seen: [LINK][1]

ok, the problem is solved. I messed up different breakpoints and forgot to make blue settings orange in the biggest one. Case closed.