Custom code working on one site but not on another

I have this script i’m running on the homepage of my site to make a tab behave like a slider and auto rotate the slides.
This script is working on one site but not on the other.
Can someone help me with why this is happening
The slider is the one in the second section

    var Webflow = Webflow || [];
    Webflow.push(function() {
        var tabTimeout;

        // define loop - cycle through all tabs
        function tabLoop() {
            tabTimeout = setTimeout(function() {
                var $next = $('.tabs-menu').children('.w--current:first').next();

                if ($next.length) {
                    $; // click resets timeout, so no need for interval
                } else {
            }, 11500);

        // reset timeout if a tab is clicked
        $('.tab-link').click(function() {

Site where it’s working: Webflow - WingMan

Site where it’s not working: Webflow - iMocha

On your site the slick script is jQuery-based, so it needs to be in the /body custom code section.

Currently it’s in the /head custom code section so it’s unable to run.