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Custom code for random image

Piter was kind enough to share this random load image with the community and I’m interested in using a version of it on my test site.
I checked all the sections and the code attributes of each is empty. Where else should I look for the code that controls the images?

Thanks guys


there is custom code sitting in the Home Page Settings:


function getRandomImage() {
var images = ['', '', ''];
var image = images[Math.floor(Math.random()*images.length)];
return image;
function displayRandomImage() {
var htmlImage = document.getElementById("randomImage");
htmlImage.src = getRandomImage();


Thanks Chris.
I’m still learning my way around the interface. Where on the home page can I access the settings?

Here is how you can reach the page settings:


Scroll all the way down to “Custom Code”:


Thanks Chris. The cog icon didn’t appear until I moused over it so I was overlooking it.