Custom Code Embed Issue - limit 10,000 characters

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I have a project where we are using an external API to display some course dates. The course dates are pulled from a server and display fine, I have tested it and it works/displays which is great.

However when I go to style the page with CSS, I am limited by 20,000 characters. I have 35,000 characters I want to use. Is there a work around for this? I thought maybe by linking to a style sheet but am having issues resolving this and would really appreciate any help.

You can see the API working about halfway down the homepage.

Here is a link to the read only version of the website:

Here is a link to the API working (without the css/website)

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Host the CSS elsewhere and pull the file in

hey @samliew Thanks for the reply and thanks for your help!

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can you help me with second step :Get embeddable link from any github resource there you go @Saurabh_Mayekar

i want to import css file from github gist to webflow, as I cant add more than 10000 character custom code in webflow

Yes you can just create an file and include it