Custom Code and Forms

Hi, ive recently started working and came across a problem wich i hope someone can help me out. What i want its for a Form wich i have on my page to, on submit, show a button. For some reason i cant put a button inside the success message (it doesent show) and a text link doesnt let me click on it. I wonder if, with custom code you can, in some way, detect the submit of said Form and in reaction to that, show a button. I know about coding but personally have no idea about javascript so im unable to do it miself. If someone wants and its able to help me build that code ill be grateful :smiley:

the structure of the code i think should be something along these lines, but again, dont know how to code it myself.

if(form.submit == true){}

Hi Francisco, you can take either approach.
Can you share your project readonly link, and a published site link, both to the page with the form on it?