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Custom CMS parameters styling an object

Hey guys.

I’m developing a website for architects studio and there’s going to be a projects list. I’m curious if it’s possible to build a CMS collection, where separate items will be stylised using custom CMS parameters. I’m almost sure there’s some kind of a solution using JS for example, but I have no idea how to write it properly.

This is the prototype:


My collection list is built like this:
collection list wrapper
collection list
.cms-item (default cms item container)
.cms-image (photo object fetched from the CMS)

I want to build a CMS record like this:

  • title
  • photo
  • thumbnail size (dropdown, here an user can select “L”, “M” or “S”, and it’s going to set a different thumbnail size in the collection list, that’s going to be just a standard a flex box)

for example:
L size - width: 66.66%; height: 1020px;
M size - width: 66.66%; height: 560px;
S size - width: 33.33%; height: 560px;

This is how the project looks like:

Do you have any ideas how to write it and implement correctly?
Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - 3XA - prototyp

Hi @Leming, the design you’re going after is pretty cool! Just want to give my 2 cents and possibly a workaround.

I think the solution might not be worth the time as there are only a few amount of possibilities in the layout unless you want to allow gaps in between. It’s either S-S-S, S-M (2nd & 3d row) or S-S-L (1st row). With this I would rather create preset grids.

And if you really want to give a customisation option, just use custom css grid-template property and some lighter jquery to assign unique classes that dictates wether its either of the 3 options.