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Custom attributes (<a>) on symbols / overrides

I’m using this script to track click events on buttons in GA using two custom attributes on my < a > links. This works fine.

However, I’m having trouble setting it up to work with unique attributes when using a button as a symbol.

Technique one… overrides (fails)
I’d like to add an override field for custom attributes, so that when I place my < a > button symbol I can pass in my specific GA event names for that particular link. Unfortunately, I can’t see a way to connect up overrides to custom attributes.

Technique two… Applying custom attributes to symbol instances.
When I try to do this, the attributes end up applying to a new < div > not the < a > of the button. Does webflow wrap symbols up in an extra div perhaps?

I have a screenshot, but I can’t attach it as I’m a new forum user :roll_eyes:

Is the only way to not use symbols for all my buttons?

Sorry can’t share my site

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