Curtain reveal header? (Similar to a slide-out footer)

I’m trying to include a container with a logo animation at the top of my page which would slide out of frame to reveal the rest of the SCROLLABLE home page. The nav would also be hidden until the top card/container is scrolled out of view.

If you look at this example:

… as you scroll there are 3 full-frame cards which scroll up like curtains but once those are done being revealed the site is scrollable like normal again.

I know I can scroll OVER the header animation with the rest of the body easy enough, but I would love it to be ON TOP of the body so that it opens like a curtain lift instead. I can’t figure out if it’s possible in Webflow with positioning and z-index and some interactions or if I’d need some script to achieve it. Is there a way to make the whole length of the site under the card sticky for just the time it takes to scroll the top card out of view?