Cursor not working

Hi, I have a custom cursor and it only seems to be working on the home page. It doesn’t seem to be working on preview in most pages. I have tried it on the About page.

This is the read only link to my site- Webflow - dot and grid

Please help

Hi @dotandgrid, welcome to the Webflow forum.

I checked your issue and you just have to update the selector type to Class and you can reuse the same interaction on the Home page.
Please check the screenshot.

ohh that works thank you so much! also, can you please tell me how I can get rid of the default cursor? it is still visible even after selecting none. Also, the default cursor and dot aren’t aligned which is making it weird on hover

Oh I did see that issue, I thought you were just testing or in the middle of fixing it.

So there quite a few things you have to take care here, not sure if I can clear everything right now.

There are few ways you can do it but I’ll try to explain a simple one, probably most used also.

First of all if you don’t really need it then you can use just one element for the custom cursor.

For the cursor-circle on Style Panel you can set it to position: fixed and set top and left to 0

And for margin apply half of the height/width of cursor-circle as negative value on top and left, for now -15px

Now on the interaction your position values should go from 0vw to 100vw and 0vh to 100vh

And then it should work as intended.

Also your cursor-wrapper is covering the whole page, if you haven’t applied any custom CSS then it would prevent click on other elements. So you can just remove that.

super helpful!! thank you so much :pray: