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Current class status on Drop Down Nav Section Header + page Help?

Hi, I’m trying to have the Current class appear in the Drop Down Navigation and it doesn’t want to work, what am I missing, or doing wrong?

It seems to be working for all Nav links that are a single page, on those page URL’s the Nav link text is turning Red like I want…BUT on the Drop Downs and inside the drop down no joy ;(

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In supplied screenshot, on the funding page when the user is on this page or inside this folder, I’d like this to always be RED [ There are 1 Funding homepage [ screenshot marked A ] + 4 sub pages [ sub pages are B ]
I’d also like it that it shows the sub-page as RED when the user is on that page, so guessing if the URL matches the link in the drop down, Webflow magically add’s the Current class to the Nav to the Style Selector
Q: Is there a manual way we can add the [ lighting bolt ] Current class ourselves?

Any help would be super appreciated @danro I know you mentioned this was now working in a previous post a while ago, any insight or guidance?


Hi @samliew

Wondering if you had a second to have your eyes take a peek at this post, is it the same issue you spoke of here…

No, that is a different issue.

However I know what you’re talking about. Currently the only way is to fix via custom code.

is there anywhere that shows what this custom code looks like @samliew ? thxs

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