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CSV form messed up when loaded into Excel

Hi there :slight_smile:

I was wondering if I did something wrong with my form contact.
I would like to use the cool feature of downloading the CSV file of all messages I received to open them and have a general overview in Excel (Microsoft Office 365) on a windows laptop.

When I open the CSV file, the cells are all super small, therefor hidding most of the content and all the accent are not recognised (french language like éèà and so on…) I personally don’t care about seeing messages from a CSV file, but my new client has a theater and will be dealing with hundreds of online reservations through webflow form.

What are your thoughts on this ? Should I be setuping Excel in another way to be able to clearly see the informations on the CSV file exported from Webflow ?

Please see attached the screenshots :slight_smile:
Have a great weekend you all !

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Great question, @anthonysalamin!

In regards to the cell size: that is expected behavior within Excel. The following video tutorial shows how to quickly, and easily, expanding the cells to fit:

In regards to the accent/tilda: that does look like odd behavior.

I will definitely report it to the team, and provide additional information once available.

Thanks again! Greatly appreciated! :+1:

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My god thanks god @micahryanhtml for that pro excel tip !
So weird they do not that automatically though ?

Regarding the accents, yest I would love to have feedback on this :slight_smile:
Thank you again for reaching out with this little tutorial video, it helped !

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No problem at all! :wink: Happy to help.

Definitely, we’ll look into it to see if it is something that we can do, and I will provide an update as soon as I have one.

Glad I could help! :blush:

Hi @anthonysalamin,

Could you try viewing the CSV with Numbers, or Google Sheets if you are on a PC, to see if the issue persists?

Your results will help use determine the origin of the issue.

Thanks in advance, and I’ll be standing by for your response.


Well that is really interesting !
It seems the Google Sheet ap on windows opens up the Webflow CSV smoothly, with all cells expanded as expected and the right french accents. I think excel is totally messed up tool, maybe ? I will try conince my client use Google Sheet instead but I think the Theater is using excel to organise their wohle administration thing… :slight_smile:

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Awesome @anthonysalamin!

Glad we found a workaround with Google Sheets.

However, after some additional research from the Team, we found how to fix the issue with Excel.

Here are instructions on how to import the Excel file so that the characters show up correctly:


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Thank you @micahryanhtml !
I feel heard within the webflow community !
Thank you to the quick response force team ! :slight_smile:

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