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CSS / JS Animation

I am trying to figure out how to implement this type of transition/animation: to my sample website:

I want this transition to be on the black div (60vw x 60vh) in the center of the screen. I don’t really know the code, just following tutorials in Google. I know that on PenCode there are 3 sections HTML, CSS, JS. As I understood, I should put HTML part in designer using HTLM embed, CSS - in Head section (add , ) and JS in body section (add ) - I did all that and it didn’t worked out. I guess I need to do something with element classes, and I’ve tried, but couldn’t figure it out.

Thank you for help, I appreciate your time.

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He’s using a few different JS Libraries. Wish I had time to dig more into this. Totally possible. Maybe after the new year I can come back to this post.

Thank you so much. I would really appreciate it. I hope, you’ll come and help me with that