CSS grid is not responsive

Hi all,

I’ve setup this basic 2 column grid to house essays on my site. Everything is well aligned until I compress the browser to around 992px where it starts to cutoff the columns. Same thing for mobile when it gets to smaller resolution.

Perhaps it has to do with the size I’m using for the header images?

Read only is here

I know this is Webflow 101 but been staring at this for far too long…figured I’d call in the experts :grinning:

hi @Pat_Simmons your Div Block 174 in card have fixed width:587.140625px you can delete this value or change it to 100% if you would like to have grid responsive.

Ah there it is. Thanks so much @Stan!

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hi @Pat_Simmons happy that worked for you. If issue doesn’t persist and you do not have further questions related to your request feel free to close it as solved :wink:

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