CSS class on images displays only one project Page at a time correctly on Mobile Portrait View

Hello Together

I have been trying to solve this problem for a long time and am grateful for any tips.

I have several project pages in my portfolio, which I created with CMS Collection Page. Since not every project page looks the same, I have been looking for ways to get around the rigid framework, among other things with rich text.
With Rich Text, however, I was unfortunately unable to adapt the images in the mobile version so that they looked good. So I repositioned them as independent images.

This all worked well, except that in the mobile portrait view, only one project page is displayed correctly at a time. (For the images I had changed).
It always shows me the project page correctly which I have opened when I republish it.
What is interesting is that all the other views, including Mobile Landscape View, display correctly.

My guess is that I somehow managed to give all images the same class (just on Mobile Portrait) and a condition where only the project is shown with the correct name.

But I don’t know what to do, I hope someone can help me?

Here is my link:

I noticed that there is a zero in the source code for the images. So that’s the problem, that it renders zero height.

Does anyone know where I can fix this?

I could fix it with Media Queries.