CSS Cheat Sheet Query

Hello Everyone, I am new in this forum and I am looking to download CSS cheat sheet for check basic code syntaxes like Columns, Colors, Grid positioning, List and Markers, Animations, Outline, Hyperlink, Paged Media, Positioning, Transitions, 3D / 2D Transform, and Speech. I want to explore more depth information about the CSS cheat sheet. If anyone knows more how to where I can download the pdf file, Please suggest me.

Hey @shivam,

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If you type “CSS cheat sheet” in Google, you will get a ton of results. For example, this page should give you what you want: https://websitesetup.org/css3-cheat-sheet/

Cheers - Dennis :tada:

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Here (https://hackr.io/blog/css-cheat-sheet) is also a cheat sheet with the best information.

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