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CSS Blending modes demo

Hi all, we’ve been talking about blending modes in the forum lately, here is a recap in the form of a demo. It’s on my Sandbox site so you can visit the public link or clone the site.


Great job!!
(filling out the rest of the character limit)

(we should fill the extra chars with valuable info like: Sunny summer day on the French west coast)

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Sorry, this page does not exist. :confused:

Hello, something happened and some blend modes don’t wok as intended anymore, or my browser fails to co-operate with me

Hi can you be more specific, with screenshots? Thanks!

Hi, I’m trying to use blend mode on text links in order to achieve following example:
How can I set text links to play video as fill(background)? Also, should I be applying mbm-lighten on the text link or the section that contain text links?