CSS and JS Optimization


I have a question about CSS and JS optimization. I’m working on a website for the client and Lighthouse shows that some performance improvement would be needed on mobile.

One of my buddies sent me a link to a very interesting Webflow website: growlawfirm.com

They have a perfect Lighthouse score and I found two interesting facts:

  1. It seems that their Webflow CSS file is in-line on top of the HTML file (instead of using an external .css file)
  2. Their Webflow JS file seems to be manually modified: https://assets-global.website-files.com/624abd88da309f3cd6e94395/js/glf-dev-v2.fd7a76cc4.js

It’s significantly smaller and has a custom name (glf-dev-v2).

How is that possible? I thought that these two files were generated automatically by Webflow and there is no way to customize it. I want to try doing the same to improve performance. Do you have any idea how to do it? Any advice appreciated! Thanks.

Proxied behind Cloudflare where you could do anything or externally host and control the code and loading. It’s what I normally do when performance is a requirement.