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Crooked Section before the Footer!

Hello Webflow Community!

The first time posting something here because it seems like the topic has not been discussed yet.
My client wants a special footer design, where the bottom edge of the last section before the footer is skewed like this:

Does anyone have ideas on how I can get this to work via webflow?
Thanks in advance!

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Did it with a workaround.
I added another section on top, set the background to grey, put a white colored div inside with a skew effect and changed the z-index of the three sections accordingly.

A little messy, but I don’t think there is a better way to do it :smile:

If someone has the same issue and wants to check it:

Yes tilting a div is a way, using an image, preferably a SVG triangle is a way too. You can also fine tune a gradient… many ways to achieve this :slight_smile:

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