Creating Seating Chart Reservations

Hi Webflow Experts! Thank you in advance…

I’m wanting to create a reservation system where:

  1. User sees time slots that are hourly (time slots start at 2pm daily and end at 10pm daily).
  2. The user will select the date and time
  3. Next screen will show a floor plan with seats that are able to be picked and reserved.
  4. The floor plan will show seats that have different colors for them already being reserved versus a different color if the seat is available.
  5. Similar to building a cinema app.

How do I first of all create time slots that will auto-populate in the future for people to pick?

Also, is it possible to have a floor plan (the same floor plan will be used for all time slots) that shows availability based on each time slot? Just like a theater?

How can I get started? Thank you!

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@Jessica_W - Webflow does not provide this functionality and building a custom app to handle what you want would be time consuming to build. If you don’t have a budget for this I would suggest you look into third-porty hosted apps that meets your needs and allows for embedding.