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Creating an input mask, or phone # validation

Continuing the discussion from Is it possible to create an input mask for a phone number?:

The way it was done with one of my other sites, there was a js lines:

	$("input[name='phone']").mask("+7(999) 999-99-99");
	$('input[placeholder], textarea[placeholder]').placeholder();

So I tried this in my webflow project. In the full site package, in js folder there are 2 files modernizr.js and webflow.js. I tried adding these js lines in both files and also created a separate scripts.js. None of them worked in my forms.

So, are there any tips on that?
Where do I put jawa scripts if I need to?
Can I add a custom js code at all in webflow projects?

Usually the recommended method to place jQuery code is in Page Settings > Footer Code, as you need jQuery to load before your custom script.

Thank you for help, but this didn’t work (

You also need to wrap code in the “Footer Code” section with



Also, it seems like your other sites are using external jQuery plugins, which you need to import as well.

Specifically .mask() and .placeholder() functions.

Oh, this sounds a bit more complicated than I thought… ) So Webflow doesn’t have built in means for that sort of stuff?

That is what the Custom Code field is there for - to allow web developers to implement such functionality.

Ok, thank you, I will try to sort this out

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