Creating a website by replicating

How would you first few steps would you take in Webflow if you just wanted to replicate this website’s layout (left nav, etc.)? Best Slip On Work Boots For Standing On Concrete All Day | Shoes Pundit ???

There’s a nav, section and footer. The section is the main focus of your conversation.

I’d add a section and set it to be a horizontal, top, center flexbox, with a column/row gap. I’d then add 2 divs. One to wrap the content on the left and 1 to wrap the side menu on the right.

The content wrapper can auto adust to the content height, lay it out as you wish.

The menu wrapper should be set to a vertical, top, centre flexbox, with a row gap equal to the section gap. Then lay out what content you want, with a different div for each subsection. (Search, Recent posts, Recent Comments)

On mobile, change the section flex box to vertical, as the content will need to stack