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Create a link button using a photo/logo

Hello, i’m trying to put a “Apple Store Link” on my page using a .PNG logo. I don’t how to do that! The button block does not work for me, when I am on Preview the button does not show. Beside I cannot change its size. Can somebody help me ? Thanks a lot

Hey @p_marinbraun did you try adding the button block then dragging an image into the button block? The image can be the .png file and the button block links to whatever you set it to. So far that’s the only way I found it to work for me. Hopefully others will chime in with other ways that works well.

Hey @shae101s thanks for your answer. I’ve maanged to put the button! But it still does not show in the preview mode… :frowning:

@shae101s is 100% correct. This is explained in the video tutorials but I just found this same question a moment ago on another thread. The button and button block elements are 2 different things. One is for actual buttons (button) and the other is simply a parent container (button block) in which to wrap inner elements such as images or text to create hyperlinks.

@p_marinbraun Did you use button or button block ? Here is the video turial @ roughly 4:50 it explains how to use it webflow element tutorial

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yeah I just found out how to do it. thanks guys!