Create a form multi-select field with custom dropdown design

I’m currently working on a client’s page who wants to switch their website to Webflow. I’d say I already have a decent knowledge of how Webflow works but I can’t code and this project will need custom code.

The context: The client has a Marketplace page that showcases all the technology partners customers can work with. Every technology partner has their own (collection) page with more details and a popup form to request further information.

The challenge: In the popup form on the collection page is a multi-select field that has the current technology partner already selected when the form is opened but has also the option to select other partners. Here are the screenshots from the current live website that is not built in Webflow.

I already know how to connect the CMS items of the technology partner collection to the select field but I don’t know how to make it look and work the way it is shown on the screenshots. I can’t provide a read-only link because I haven’t built the form yet since I don’t know how to approach this.

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Hey Anna :wave: Hmmm good question.

I built this “select” input using checkboxes. Multi-Select, Search, and Save | Free Webflow Component

We’d need to rework the code since this version requires Memberstack :thinking: That said, feel free to copy the component and click around a bit. Maybe it’ll spark some ideas?

Thank you! Will check it out

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Hi Anna Did you resolve your issue … I’m facing the same … If resolved, could you share the solution.

No, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to resolve this issue, and the client and I decided to remove this field from the form.