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Create a "Dark Mode" in webflow!

Hey guys !

I would like to create a dark mode when i click on a button. Like youtube with dark mode !
Background black > button > Background white (so magical) !

Ps : Sorry for my english i’m french :confused:


Thought of this myself the other day!

Love the idea.

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Might be an idea to move this here as well :slight_smile:


Yep me too… I was in the process of trying the same thing… and I use 1 wrapper with 2 div blocks inside (red & black)… 1 light and 1 dark colored as the triggers to target a light background site format… and dark background site format… so it’s possilble with the click trigger. It went from light mode to dark mode… I only used the 1st click on each div so you can do it.

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