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Create a cta to collection page

I’m new in webflow and i have to layout a blog post. Basically i want to add a cta with text, background colour and button. How can i do?

Thanks in advance

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A CTA is composed of a link, a text and a graphic style.

The link needs to be a link field in your Collection.
The text needs to be a Text field in your collection.

Create a button in your blog post, either with a button element, a link element or a block link element with a text inside. Style it as you want. Now select it, and in the Settings tab on the right, chose what field to link it to for the link, and what field to link it to for the text. If you used a button element, that’s the same elements with to fields bindings. If you crafted it from a link block and a text, select the text to link to text etc.

If your collection has a color field you can also make the button bg takes the CMS color.

thanks vincent, but my question is where can i do this. I attach a screenshot about where i am and where i want to make the cta. Don’t know if is the correct place. thanks

Is there any solution? how can add some extra css to that block to create a cta? even i can’t see the bar with all tools. Is there any tutorial about that?

Aaah ok, inside of a RT element.
Create a class for your CTA by designing it anywhere. Write down the name of the class, eg. “my-cta”.
Make a new line click on + then add a custom code block. Add your cta with HTML like this:

<a class="my-cta" href="the-url">text of the cta</a>

Thanks Vincent,
And where can i style the cta class? where is the space where can i write down the css? Sorry, I’m really beginner and I came from wordpress.
Is there any tutorial where i can check all steps?