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Create a CMS item with a multi reference field in Integromat via API


I would like to update a multi-reference field of a Webflow item “Person” by doing a PATCH API request through Integromat.

Im my case, the item has already multiple sessions and I would like to add another one to the current person.

So first, I collect all the data of my item on Webflow via an API request (I collect the array of session IDs).

Then, I would like to add the new value corresponding to the new person in my multi-reference field.

For doing that, I use the function “Add” to add this value to the current Array. And then, I use a Json block to create a Json with the Array.

My problem is that the json has useless “” and there is not “” between each value, i don’t understand why!

I have for example:

{“fields”:{“sessions”:[“6059f0c08fcfd6276ea82fcf, 6059fa1f42cfdb85054e13c1”]}}

while I would like :

{“fields”:{“sessions”:[“6059f0c08fcfd6276ea82fcf”, “6059fa1f42cfdb85054e13c1”]}}

So of course, the API Patch request doesn’t work when I’m using the Json as request content…

Any idea? Do you see an easier and quicker way to that?