Copy / Paste Interactions Between Projects Broken?

I’m trying to copy/paste some very intensive interactions from one project to another, so I don’t have to rebuild them, and no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get them to work.

I’ve tried turning the entire thing into a symbol (which breaks part of it), I’ve tried cutting and then pasting, instead of copying. I’ve gone through and checked that there are no conflicting interactions on the current site - still no luck.

Does this ever work? It copies/pastes the elements just fine, but it does not bring over the animations. Really hoping I don’t have to rebuild it all.

Bumping this with a read-only link to the project.

You can see I pasted a Web Dev For You Interaction (for testing purposes) with the pink bubble background. If you go into the interactions - they’re there, and they appear to be hooked up, and you can even click “preview” in the interactions and it shows the preview. But when publishing and/or entering preview mode in the site editor, it does nothing.

I’ve tried pasting multiple interactions from other projects just to see if the same issue occurs. Some interactions don’t even paste over.

I’m having the same issues since weeks…

I’m guessing no reply from this means no one has a solution or a fix?

I’m having the same issue :frowning:

Anyone has a solution?

I’m having the same issue