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Copy link to clipboard button

This project and this project are similar to what I want, but I can’t figure out how to copy a link to the target element, instead of text value or CMS field, as in those 2 examples.

Would be great to get some help with this one, I know it’s possible because it’s on the Webflow site.

Hi Mark,

I took a bit of a look around and the only solutions I could find to problems that looked similar, involve js, like this one:

(I know it’s not the same problem but seems like a similar solution could work for your problem).

I would try maybe reposting under "custom code or maybe the person that helped in the above post - @samliew - might be around and up for helping solve a problem :wink:

Sorry I couldn’t provide more help.


Hi Jeff, thanks for taking a look. Yea I’d read through that one and a few others like it. I’ve been able to successfully copy text to clipboard like in that post but the bit I haven’t been able to do is instead of reference and copy text inside a div, reference and copy the anchor link of that div. Should be a pretty straightforward task for someone who knows a bit of JS but for a JS rookie like me the answer is eluding me.

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