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Copied a good template and unsure about how to achieve what I want with the interactions

So first off, credit where credit is due - I am using @AlexN’s “Multi Step Survey” template.

I have cloned this however in an attempt to learn how Alex accomplished his design I have recreated each element myself from scratch (in an attempt to learn everything and achieve my goal); unfortunately I have no vision in how to make what I want happen using this template so am reaching out for help.

Currently when choosing one of the checkboxes/options in the survey the whole box animates down and up and turns invisible; I am wanting to instead allow the user to make multiple selections and only when they click the “Next” Symbol does the box disappear in the exact same way.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here in how I can achieve this? I’ve tried inserting the symbol, giving it a class and making that the focus of the “LS-1” trigger in the “Question1” interaction but that didn’t work.

Here is my public share link: