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Converting a P to a H Tag

is there a quick way of converting a P to an H without having to delete the P wrapper then inserting it and pasting it back in? or a H to a P or whatever.

I think no, and it’s true for all Weblfow elements. You’re going to find this unfair, but these kind of limitations are, I guess, why Webflow works where others don’t… especially on the responsive side. It takes a bit of work on your side. Maybe one day!

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yeah - good point. but P’s n H’s are easy to effect without messing up the responsiveness. now something a P to a LI, UL would be nasty and would break fore sure. But i guess i just need to be tidier in my work at the start - however my clients never help :slight_smile:


In my own webflow experience, I redo things once now, everytime. True for a whole site, page or element.

I’d design freely, to obtain my prototype. When client is OK, I step back, look at the big picture, decide for an ID an Style strategy, submit it to my developer or improvement and matching with existing bricks, then I redo from scratch. It’s very much faster than anyone thinks. I don’t really see how you can achieve good classes/dependencies without doing that and designing first hand within Webflow.

Hey @matthew_wheeler, I agree - converting between <h*> tags and

tags should be native somehow. We’re taking a look at whether it’d be possible to do that pretty quickly through the UI…