Convert Images to Next Gen Format

Hi is it possible to have nextgen format images on mobile in Webflow?

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It is possible with custom code and externally hosted resources.

It doesn’t exist natively in Webflow yet, but you can use an HTML embed. You will have to use the picture element and it would look like this:

   <source srcset="img/your-image-here.webp" type="image/webp">
   <source srcset="img/your-image-here.jxr" type="image/jxr">
   <source srcset="img/your-image-here.jp2" type="image/jp2">
   <source srcset="img/your-image-here.jpg" type="image/jpeg">
   <img src="img/your-image-here.jpg" alt="Alt text of your photo" />

If you want this to be a feature in Webflow, you can vote for it on the Webflow wishlist here: