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Content stuck on designer

Hello everybody! I have a problem and I’m not quite sure if it’s a bug or if I did something wrong on the designer, I tried to look in the community and couldn’t find anything similar either.

I’m setting up a new template for a landing page; it has quite some floating elements and I needed to play around a lot with absolute and relative positioning.

While experimenting, I got to a place where the content on the designer doesn’t scroll anymore, although if I look at the live site it does scroll.

Any idea why? Any suggestion is truly appreciated :wink:

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:
The page is “Landing Page Experiment Copy”.

Hey Chiara,

It’s a simple error but you will learn a lot from it in the future :wink:

The content section is set to absolute top, I changed it back to relative and it scrolls as normal. What you might want to do is to apply the blue background to the content section instead of the hero background.

All the best,

Aaand I find myself thanking you for the second time in one day :pray: :pray: :pray:

Thank you so much, for your help and the extra tips, I’m making progress :smile: