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Content shifting on live site


I seem to be having a problem with a discrepancy between the webflow preview and the actual live site (as per attached image). The content shifts when I use the “Home” button and only that link but it previews fine in Webflow so I’m at a bit of a loss. Thanks for any assistance.

p/s: the content doesn’t seem to shift on a tablet however the current state of the button itself seems to shift over very slightly.

Here is my public share link:

Live site:

Please provide a link to your live site as well. It will help us help you!

Thanks for the live site link. I don’t seem to be experiencing the same issue as you. Have you tried testing your live site on a couple browsers?

Also, I notice your site’s fonts “flash” every time you load a page. Perhaps try this trick that keeps the site blank until all fonts are loaded (thought the site will flash white instead - your choice on that tradeoff.

Another approach I recommend you check out is to use a single Tab component on a single Page rather than splitting all your pages up across 6 manually created tabs. Doing this will effectively solve the shifting topbar issue you mention in this post as well!

Hmm…I tried it on Firefox, Safari, and IE. It shifts on all of them, and the navigation bar actually doesn’t show up on Safari at all. I’m on a PC running Windows 7; I wonder if that’s an issue as the site works on Safari on my iPad.

I looked at your site and I know exactly what your problem is as I have dealt with it previously. Only certain people will ever see it and it is based on resolution of the viewing screen.

In a high resolution your content will not shift because the scroll bar will never appear. In a low resolution (ipad for example) all your pages will have scroll bars and thus not shift.

So you either 1 - ensure the scroll bar is visible on every page (even though it will be grayed out) or 2 - ensure none of the pages scroll (which is not very likely) or 3 - not worry about it!

I hope that this has helped you. If you have any other issues, feel free to send me a message directly.

Happy developing.


Great. I was just worried that I had messed it up somehow. Thanks for all the help.

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