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Content not showing on published page

Hey Guys,

We created a multi step contact form and it works great in the designer and preview mode.

However, after publishing none of the content of the slider is showing up.

Here is a video of the issue:

The published website:

The read only link is:

Thank you so much for your help!

This isn’t a completely considered answer so apologies if it’s on the wrong track, but perhaps try and changing your content items to position relative. I notice they are all static and there was something in your form that had a z index of 50?

Thanks @Alcon I think it definitely has something to do with that! When inspecting the published site, I just realized the reason why nothing shows up is because everything has an absolute position of Left: 0% and Top: 0%

That should be relative to ‘Slider Content Wrap’ which it is when you preview it in the designer. However, it looks like when published it loses that relation and is just absolutely positioned to the body itself.

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