Contact section hidden


I did a contact section fixed and hidden on the left which opens by clicking on “Contactar” in menu navbar. Everything ok but the content is hidden when is opened in tablet landscape or mobile view.

Any nice idea how to resolve this?


Hello @rafagama54,
you could add closing interaction and apply to that contact section background

You are right, its a good idea but anyway in my smartphone I cannot see part of the form and cannot scroll to see everything.

Well… only way is to make form smaller.
I would suggest to wrap every of 3 parts of address in divs (Direction, E-mail, Phone) Then on mobile views you can adjust them, 2 of them make like a columns, for example.

Just because someone is interested I have found a nice solution for me. In the mobiles view I changed the seccion contacto position from Fixed to Auto sending this section to the bottom. Then I I created 2 Contactar buttons. One for the mobile view (the other one is hidden in this view). This one works sending the link to the section bottom withouth any animation.

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