Connecting each Collection item to different Modals

Hello friends,

I am working on a website for an animation studio. The website has a section called “Our Animated Creations” that has a video slider. Videos come from the CMS collection. Once you play a video, a modal opens with some information about the video. This information is also coming from the CMS collection. Opens with modal interaction. I have not set any limit in the video slider so that the slider works well otherwise it is showing dead space in the last video. My question is:

How to set different modal links on the play button on the video because the video and play button is the only one there because it’s a CMS collection?

I am new to Webflow, please help.



I didn’t understand your description of how the video is setup and how you want your modal trigger to work, but here are two approaches I use for this type of work.

For the modals, here are some notes and a cloneable on how to make them CMS integrated so that each modal has different CMS item data;

If you’re doing something different where you have N modals, but M collection items, and the relationship as to which modal is triggered by which collection item varies, I use a triggering approach;

The docs are weak because my team mainly uses this internally, e.g. you have a Glossary CMS, and you want to markup random terms in your blog that trigger glossary term popups. However the basic design is very versatile.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear.

Well, what I need is here Portfolio - Webflow HTML website template Each blog post has different modals. When you click on a modal button, it opens a different modal related to the post. The modal is in the same collection but my modals are outside the wrapper of the page but contain data from the same collection. I can’t put them in because I used a marquee animation for the slider. If I put them in there, it’s sliding too.

I need your full support here on how to achieve my goal.


You’d use a combination of both of the approaches I gave you above.
Your situation sounds like a rather unique setup, so it will likely need a rather unique solution.

Feel free to direct message me ( click my name ) if you need a dev to help you build this out, I’ll send you my details.

How can I show you what I did?