Conditional visibility with pagination set

Is it possible to hide collection item/group when there is no content in one of the collection items when pagination is set.

I am trying to create a paginated ‘client quote’ section that pulls in content from my client project collection. I want to including these three items:
1: Project name
2. Project disciplines
3. Client Quote.

The problem is that not all of the projects have client quotes. I tried turning on conditional visibility for the client quote in the parent div but it still leaves a blank tile with only the back and next buttons visible. I understand I can create a new collection list specifically for the quotes but I am trying not to double up on the same information in different places and keeping all the project info together to make it easy for client contribution moving forward.

Does anyone have a solution for this please? Many thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Did I post this in the wrong section? Is anybody able to help please? Thank you

snc99, were you able to solve that problem?
If so please share, thank you!

I have a similar issues:
I placed a pagination in one of my collection lists within one of five tabs.
I limited* the number of items to show per page.
There’s also filter (by color) within that tab.

  1. The pagination shows up even when the items are filtered and show less items than the limit*
  2. The pagination sometimes shows up on tabs that don’t even have a pagination
  3. Switching next and previous doesn’t always show the right items


I have the same problem. Can anyone help please?