Conditional visibility based on Current month? (Possibly with Zapier or custom JS)

Hi Everyone!

The website I’m working on has a section that displays varieties of grapes based on harvest season. It could be one month, a few month in a row or few completely unrelated month during the year.

The section should display only those varieties which are being harvested right now. I’ve created a collection for months (multy-reference for each variety), added a switch “current season” and would like to know if there is any way to set conditional visibility for “harvesting now” cms list to "multy-reference → current month: on"
It seems like the only options in native webflow are: contains, does not contain, is set and is not set

The other problem is that the client obviosly doesn’t want to go there and update the switch (or the conditional visibility if the switch doesn’t matter) every month throughout the year. One way I though of was to set a calendar range for each months and set a conditional visibility based on that, but it would require setting it for each month for many years ahead, untill they update the website.

Maybe it’s possible to make Zapier update live item every month: turn the switch OFF for the previous one, and ON for the current one? But it’s my second time working with Zapier and I couldn’t wrap my head around this one.

Would be glad to hear any thoughts… Maybe there is a solution that is way simpler than this…

Thanks for your time!