Complexity of a Webflow Form

Hi all, I have been building this form for this site for three days now and just come to realize I haven’t tested it yet. Now that I have I continue to get an error. I hope someone here can help or at the very least tell me what the limitations of a Webflow form are?

This form is many fields, radio buttons, and checkboxes. It is placed within a grid inside the form for ease of use.

Here is the site to submit the form:

Here is my Share link: Webflow - Fun Services, VA

Hope someone out there can help?

Are you using recaptcha? I don’t see the element visually but it is referenced in code.

If you turn on recaptcha all forms are validated.

Yes I added it into the form and have it on all the forms, but for some reason it doesnt show on the live site?

Thanks it works now. I think it just didnt get published right.

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