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Columns vs Grids

Hey All,

I was wondering what the main differences are when using columns and grids? Of course with grids, I’m aware you can add multiple rows, span them, have more flexibility, etc; however, I am unsure if using one over another has significant differences.

In a situation where I want to have content in two columns (i.e, heading/title in the left column, and paragraphs/longer text in the right) what’s the difference between using the columns element and a grid with two columns to do that?

Thank you!!

hi @supershinysea better is to know for what columns can be use todays . Here is a small article that can explain a lot to solve your question.

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As far as I understand, there is almost zero difference between using this two in your situation. You can even use flexbox. I would suggest to use the latter.

As for the difference between these two: frankly speaking, I have no idea, but I guess columns are basically flexbox, like a container block that is actually a div block with 900px width limit. Grids came out later, so I don’t think there is any reason to use columns now. Though, I would like to see an expert’s opinion on this matter.

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